The Work of Family Lawyers

Most people do not understand the work of family lawyers. More often than not, they will ask the lawyers to represent them in matters beyond their scope. The excerpt below discusses the various services that family lawyers provide.  Divorce  In Australia, divorcing couples are not legally required to have a lawyer. However, a family lawyer can make your divorce seamless. For example, they can assess your situation to determine if you qualify for a divorce.

Key Strategies that Divorce Lawyers Use to Increase Chances of Winning Custody Cases

According to statistics, 45% of court orders award full custody to mothers and 11% to fathers. Therefore, the chances of winning child custody are pretty slim if you are a dad going through a divorce. It might explain why most fathers try to reach an amicable out-of-court resolution with their ex-partners. However, do you know that your divorce lawyer can increase your chances of winning custody during a divorce? Request In-Home Custody Evaluation

What Family Lawyers Consider When Drafting a Child Custody Parenting Plan

A divorce process is challenging for most people. Tensions heighten further when you consider child custody issues. Even when both parents agree to prioritise children’s needs, tensions might remain high. It is the reason family lawyers play a critical role in the development of a parenting plan. Fundamentally, a parenting plan establishes a foundation for the new family structure. When developing a parenting plan with partners during divorce, family lawyers usually consider the following issues.