Key Strategies that Divorce Lawyers Use to Increase Chances of Winning Custody Cases

According to statistics, 45% of court orders award full custody to mothers and 11% to fathers. Therefore, the chances of winning child custody are pretty slim if you are a dad going through a divorce. It might explain why most fathers try to reach an amicable out-of-court resolution with their ex-partners. However, do you know that your divorce lawyer can increase your chances of winning custody during a divorce?

Request In-Home Custody Evaluation

If your partner insists that they want full child custody, do not be surprised if they try to present a negative impression of your living conditions. For instance, your ex could say that your house is always unkempt and you always invite unknown people. It could send the message that your living conditions are not appropriate for your child's stay. Such presentations can affect your chances of winning child custody, which is why a professional divorce lawyer immediately requests an in-home custody evaluation visit. Consequently, a court appoints an evaluator to visit your house. The visits are extremely helpful in winning custody because an evaluator makes an independent report to a court. However, you must ensure that your living standards are conducive to your child's stay.

Gather Evidence in Your Favour

It is easy to ask a divorce lawyer to gather as much information as possible to portray your ex negatively. For instance, if your ex works a full-time job and a part-time one, there is no doubt that they will have little time for your child/children. You would think that presenting the information to a court would work in your favour. However, it is not the case because spending too much time collecting dirt about your ex means that your lawyer has little time to gather evidence in your favour. Therefore, rather than focus on your ex, a professional divorce lawyer focuses on what you are doing right. For example, a good lawyer will tell a judge how the new job you have taken will help you spend more hours closer to your child.

Keep You Grounded

Divorce and child custody cases can take a toll on even the strongest person. Therefore, it is easy for one to start drinking, partying, and clubbing to deal with the stresses of their situation. However, such behaviours only hurt your custody case, which is why you need a professional divorce lawyer. Besides representing you in a family court, the right lawyer will help keep you grounded. For instance, they can recommend that you speak to a professional counsellor if you feel overwhelmed rather than find the easy way out. Staying grounded sends the message that you are emotionally and psychologically strong, increasing your chances of winning a custody case.

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