The Work of Family Lawyers

Most people do not understand the work of family lawyers. More often than not, they will ask the lawyers to represent them in matters beyond their scope. The excerpt below discusses the various services that family lawyers provide. 


In Australia, divorcing couples are not legally required to have a lawyer. However, a family lawyer can make your divorce seamless. For example, they can assess your situation to determine if you qualify for a divorce. Besides, the lawyer will help out with process servicing. If your spouse is avoiding the divorce, your lawyer will ask the court to grant the divorce in their absence. 

Settling Marriages

Once you divorce your spouse, you will have to make parenting arrangements and divide property acquired during the marriage. A family lawyer will help you with these issues. For example, they will protect your interests and argue out your case during property division negotiations. Most people are often emotional when discussing how to raise their kids. In most cases, each partner will want more time with the kids. Your family lawyer will guide you when drafting parenting plans to ensure you prioritise the needs of the kids as opposed to your selfish interests. If your spouse is not fit to be a parent, the family lawyer will file a sole custody case. 

Child Adoption

Your family lawyer will help in the following ways when adopting a child: 

  • The lawyer will advise you on suitable adoption agencies.
  • The professional will assess your situation and advise whether you qualify for a divorce.
  • When adopting a child from overseas, the lawyer will inform you of the adoption laws in the foreign country and how long the process will take.
  • The lawyer will prepare you for the various interviews and assessments. The lawyer will appeal your case if your request is denied. 

Drafting Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements allow couples to plan their finances once they divorce. In Australia, each party should seek legal advice before signing a prenuptial agreement. Typically, the lawyer will assess the terms of the agreement to ensure that they meet the standard legal requirements. For example, it should not contain absurd clauses and couples should not punish each other for cheating. The professional will also advise you of the legal implications of the agreement. For example, if you decide to include spousal maintenance, you will not have an opportunity to ask for more alimony during the divorce. However, it could be reduced if your spouse's financial position changes. 

Family lawyers will help out with divorce, settling your marriage, child adoption, and drafting prenuptial agreements.